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St. Xavier's High School is a renowned & well established co-educational English medium school of Banda district.

St. Xavier’s High School, envisages to be one of the finest school not merely as an abode of learning but also as an apostle of wisdom. We are a school that believes that true education lies beyond textbooks and true learning is derived from self-inquiry, research & discussion and from encouraging the natural curiosity of young minds. We believe that it is important to ensure the overall development of all our students - through the physical, mental and spiritual development of their senses...

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Mr. Nawal Kishore Chaudhary

Dear Parents and Children,

In this ever changing world, we seldom think rationally and the result being that we are always the last passengers to board the fight! We speak of modernization and think proudly to be in the 21st century never giving a second thought whether we are in tune with the changes, in fact we are too bold to accept the fact that there is still so much to learn....

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