Aim & Objective

St. Xavier's Aims & Objectives

The school believes in the worth and uniqueness of every individual. We help the young minds to widen their horizons to learn and think for themselves. We strive to inculcate in them appropriate moral, social, intellectual, spiritual and physical values through proper guidance and quality education.

To develop a deep sense of commitment towards discipline and justice in all our students.

To equip the young ones with the qualities of a good citizen and those of an even better human being.

To make them morally strong and socially responsible so that they may become ideal working professionals in the years to come.

To foster self-respect and the respect for the rights of others.

To instill honesty, sincerity, tolerance and generosity in students.

To develop the courage to face reality, optimismand dignity of labour.

To train them for the quest of knowledge through observation, exploration, analysis and evaluation.